Catholic Social Thought Books, Series, & Other Publications

The SCSS monograph series, How to Argue About Current Public and Cultural Questions, offers brief books featuring arguments from a Catholic social teaching and natural law standpoint. The first two volumes–Family and Sexual Morality Issues by Stephen Krason and International Relations and War and Peace by Andrew Essig—are now available and can be obtained by sending $10 for each ($5 for the cost of the book and $5 for postage) to: Society of Catholic Social Scientists, Franciscan University of Steuebenville, Steubenville, OH 43952.

Priests, Lawyers, and Scholars

Essays in Honor of Robert J. Araujo, SJ

The Crisis of Religious Liberty

Reflections from Law, History, and Catholic Social Thought EDITED BY STEPHEN M. KRASON

American Law from a Catholic Perspective

Through a Clearer Lens EDITED BY RONALD J. RYCHLAK

The Public Order and the Sacred Order

Contemporary Issues, Catholic Social Thought, and the Western and American Traditions, 2 Volumes STEPHEN M. KRASON

Toward the Common Good

A Catholic Critique of the Discipline of Political Science EDITED BY ROBERT F. GORMAN

Economics as if God Matters

Over a Century of Papal Teaching Addressed to the Economic Order, Expanded and Revised Edition RUPERT J. EDERER

Bioethics, Law, and Human Life Issues

A Catholic Perspective on Marriage, Family, Contraception, Abortion, Reproductive Technology, and Death and Dying D. BRIAN SCARNECCHIA

Pope Pius XII on the Economic Order


Sociology and Catholic Social Teaching

Contemporary Theory and Research EDITED BY STEPHEN R. SHARKEY

Child Abuse, Family Rights, and the Child Protective System

A Critical Analysis from Law, Ethics, and Catholic Social Teaching EDITED BY STEPHEN M. KRASON

Catholicism and Historical Narrative

A Catholic Engagement with Historical Scholarship EDITED BY KEVIN SCHMIESING

The Future of the Catholic Church in the American Political Order

Edited by Kenneth L. Grasso and Thomas F.X. Varacalli

Earlier And Other SCSS Publications

Encyclopedia of Catholic Social Thought, Social Science, and Social Policy

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