SCSS Awards

Beginning in 1995 The Society of Catholic Social Scientists has annually awarded the Pope Pius XI Award to scholars whose efforts have contributed to building up a true Catholic social science, resuming the charge given to Catholic scholars by this great pope of Quadragesimo Anno fame.

Previous Pope Pius XI Award Recipients

Dr. Warren H. Carroll in history (1995)
Fr. Francis Canavan in political science (1996)
Dr. Rupert J. Ederer in economics (1997)
Dr. Alberto M. Piedra in economics (1997)
Prof. Mary Ann Glendon, Esq. in law (1998)
Msgr. George A. Kelly in sociology (1999)
Dr. Paul C. Vitz in psychology (2000)
Dr. James Hitchcock in history (2001)
Dr. William Brennan in sociology (2001)
Dr. Glenn Olsen in history (2002)
Dr. Donald J. D’Elia (2003) in history
Dr. Joseph Varacalli (2004) in sociology
Prof. Gerald V. Bradley, Esq. (2005) in law
Dr. Robert P. George, Esq. (2006) in political science
Dr. William Donohue (2007) in sociology
Fr. Rodger Charles, S.J. in sociology and theology(2008)
Dr. Charles E. Rice, Esq. in law (2008)
Dr. William E. May in theology (2009)
Dr. Mark Lowery in theology (2010)
Prof. Richard S. Myers in law (2010)
Dr. Gary L. Glenn in political science (2011)
Dr. Kenneth L. Grasso in political science (2011)
Dr. Patrick F. Fagan in sociology and psychology (2012)
Dr. Stephen M. Krason, Esq. in political science and law (2012)
Prof. Ronald J. Rychlak in law (2013)
Fr. James V. Schall, S.J. in political science (2014)
Fr. D. Paul Sullins in sociology (2015)
Dr. J. Budziszewski in political science (2016)
Dr. F. Russell Hittinger in philosophy (2017)
Dr. Paul G. Kengor political science (2018)
Mr. George Weigel in theology (2018)
Dr. David Schindler in theology (2019)
Dr. Mark Regnerus (2020)
Mrs. Mary Eberstadt (2021)
Dr. W. Bradford Wilcox (2022)

Prof. Richard W. Garnett (2023)


Periodically the SCSS also awards the Blessed Frederic Ozanam Award for Catholic social action. Ozanam is the Patron Saint of the SCSS. Recipients of this and predecessor awards for this purpose have been:

Previous Blessed Frederic Ozanam Award Recipients

Dr. Candace de Russy (1998)
Dr. William Donohue (1998)
Dr. Charles E. Rice, Esq (1999)
Thomas Monaghan (2000)
Helen Hull Hitchcock (2001)
Eleanor Schlafly (2001)
Phyllis Schlafly, Esq. (2001)
James Likoudis (2002)
Frank Morriss (2003)
Hon. Kenneth D. Whitehead (2004)
Rev. Kenneth Baker, S.J. (2004)
Karl Keating (2005)
Prof. Ronald J. Rychlak (2006)
Russell Shaw (2007)
Sr. Margherita Marchione (2007)
A.J. Matt, Jr. (2008)
Dr. Theresa Karminski Burke (2008)
Rev. Robert Araujo, S.J. (2008)
Dr. Steven W. Mosher (2009)
Dr. Joseph Nicolosi (2010)
Dr. Wanda Franz (2011)
Nellie J. Gray, Esq. (2011)
Mother Agnes M. Donovan, S.V., Ph.D. (2012)
Frank J. Russo, Jr. (2012)
Maggie Gallagher (2013)
Dr. Robert P. George, Esq. (2014)
Dr. Janet E. Smith (2017)
Austin Ruse (2017)
Mercedes Arzu Wilson (2018)
​Nina Shea (2019)
Robert Royal (2020)
Judie Brown (2021)
Curtis Martin (2022)

Luis Tellez (2023)


The SCSS periodically has given awards for contributions to Catholic higher education. For this, it has recognized:

Dr. Timothy T. O’Donnell, Fr. Michael Scanlan, TOR, Dr. Peter V. Sampo, Dr. Joseph H. Hagan, Dr. Warren H. Carroll, Dr. Germain Grisez, and Dr. Anne W. Carroll (contributions for Catholic education in general)

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