~ Members' Accomplishments ~

James Hitchcock, professor of history at St. Louis University, has published History of the Catholic Church from the Apostolic Age to the Third Millenium (Ignatius Press).  See www.ignatius.com
Stratford Caldecott, MA (Oxon.), FRSA
Editor of the international Catholic journal Second Spring and of the online book review journal Humanum (www.humanumreview.com), Stratford Caldecott has published several books, most recently with the publisher Angelico Press: All Things Made New: The Mysteries of the World in Christ (2011), Beauty in the Word: Rethinking the Foundations of Education (2012) – the latter being a sequel to Beauty for Truth's Sake: The Re-enchantment of Education (Brazos, 2009) – and The Radiance of Being: Dimensions of Cosmic Christianity (2013). A book on Catholic social teaching is forthcoming under the title Not As the World Gives: The Way of Creative Justice. Stratford received an honorary doctorate in Theology from the Pontifical John PauI II Institute in 2013. He is a Program Faculty member of the Thomas More College of Liberal Arts and G.K. Chesterton Research Fellow at St Benet's Hall, Oxford. See www.secondspring.co.uk.
William Zehringer, Recent Publications;  "Lydgate, Casaubon, and the Life of the Mind:  "One Aspect of the Ironic Vision of Middlemarch. Oracle, Vol. 8 (2009): 179-86,  "St. Birgitta of Sweden's Image of Perfection."  New Oxford Review, Vol. 76, 11 (Dec., 2009): 32-35, and "Words Formed in my Understanding:" Speech and Thought in Julian of Norwich's Showings.  The American Benedictine Review, Vol. 61, 4 (December 2010): 347-59.     Current Writing Project: I have recently completed and revised a book of my collected essays, entitled "Of This Time, of That Place:" Thoughts on Diverse Subjects.  That queried volume is currently under review.
Thomas v. Svogun, long time SCSS member, professor of administration of justice and philosophy and chairman of the philosophy department at Salve Regina University, just published the book The Jurisprudence of Police: Toward A General Unified Theory of Law.  Inspired by the scholastic jurisprudence of St. Thomas Aquinas and drawing on the work of Harold Berman and John Finnis, among others, this ground breaking volume, published by Palgrave Macmillan, is the first to bridge the fields of legal philosophy and police science.  It provides a theoretical framework for analyzing and evaluating law and law enforcement now and well into the future.  The book builds on Svogun’s article “Law’s Virtue” published in the Catholic Social Science Review. Please consider adding this book to your personal collections and also bringing it to the attention of your academic and local libraries.  See: www.us.macmillan.com


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