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The contemporary social sciences are primarily dependent on secular assumptions, concepts and theories. Consequently, the role of faith and Catholic social teaching is hardly considered in today's body of social science. The Society of Catholic Social Scientists (SCSS), founded in 1992, boldly challenges this secularlized approach to the social sciences by combining objective scholarly analysis with fidelity to the Magisterium.


Through a collegiality of Catholic scholars, professors, researchers, practitioners, and writers, the SCSS brings rigorous, credible scholarship to political, social and economic questions. SCSS members approach their work in both a scholarly and evangelical spirit. They are expected to strictly observe the highest scholarly and professional requirements of their disciplines as they examine their data in light of Church teaching and the Natural Law. In this way, the Society seeks to obtain objective knowledge about the social order, provide solutions to vexing social problems, and further the cause of Christ.


SCSS membership is open to Catholics involved in the social sciences or disciplines concerned with social questions (e.g., moral theology, ethics) and who possess an advanced degree (i.e., beyond a bachelor's) or are full-time students in a master's degree or equivalent program. Members must demonstrate fidelity to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and a reasonable knowledge of and interest in deepening their understanding of the Church's social teachings. Non-Catholics who are knowledgeable about and support the Catholic Church's teachings and the purposes of the Society may become special associate members. Annual dues are $25 ($15 for full-time students in a master's degree or equivalent program), which includes a subscription to The Catholic Social Science Review, the refereed scholarly journal published once each year by the SCSS.














The Society of Catholic Social Scientists
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